The flea market in Københavnstrup is open every Sunday during the spring and summer. Exception: Closed in July. Opening hours: 10 AM to at 4 PM. Free entrance and free parking in the area.

The last flea market in 2024 will be on 6th October.

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“Københavnstrup” roughly translates to “Copenhagenville” – a nickname that people from rural Denmark has given to the city of Copenhagen, but now it also refers to our cozy marketplace. You can see some photos of Københavnstrup here.

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Københavnstrup is an outdoor flea market with a very special atmosphere. We’ve tried to make it cozy for everybody – and easy for the vendors: You can rent clothes racks and nice, big tables for all your stuff.

You can read more about the practicalities here (in Danish). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them here.

Københavnstrup is located 300 meters north of Emdrup Station. The journey to Emdrup is a 15 minute train ride from Nørreport Station.

You can see a map here.

The flea market is surrounded by tall maple trees and 5 old wooden garages. We have a couple of small “hang-out” areas, a swing and some toys for the kids, an outdoor food court where you can buy delicious food from a couple of food trucks, ice cream (wrapped, not soft ice) from Hansen’s Ice cream – and beer, soft drinks and coffee, of course.

At the flea market, we experience an atmosphere of great friendliness and helpfulness among the vendors. Both towards each other and when it comes to the customers. And we – Julie and Rolf – are also very keen to give a helping hand – if we can assist with anything.

And it is probably because of the nice atmosphere – combined with the very special surroundings – that we often hear Københavnstrup labelled “the friendliest flea market in Copenhagen”

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